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Juan Diego Solombrino

Executive Chef

Plank is like no other restaurant in Playa…It started as a small idea when Executive Chef Juan Diego Solombrino tried to incorporate a new item on his menu for a different restaurant he co owns in the town of Playa del Carmen.[line class=”transparent”][/column]

[section class=”text-justify”][column large=”6″ first=”true”]Juan-Diego-Solombrino[/column][column large=”6″ last=”true”][panel title=”Juan Diego Solombrino”]Many people know Chef Juan Diego for his gourmet concentration and love for Asian flavors at his small and intimate restaurant Imprevist. It was only after he started to experiment by cooking salmon directly on a cedar plank that he decided to take his hand at the art of Plank style cooking techniques. He quickly became fascinated in creating different dishes surrounded by this concept. After more research he decided to then experiment with the light and intricate flavor of Himalayan salt blocks using the same technique of wood planking but opening up a wider possibility for different dishes to be complimented with the perfect natural infusion. He tested this newly loved technique on special dishes at Imprevist and they proved to be a true hit. After introducing this idea to his partners, a concept for a new restaurant in Playa quickly arose. Something that would be truly different than any other! That would be Plank!
After opening the restaurant in December of 2013 Juan Diego’s vision became bigger. He decided to take on the art of gourmet smoking techniques. His interest prompted the idea to serve slowly smoked meats in a gourmet fashion. After importing a custom made smoker from Texas, Juan Diego practiced with new recipes and ideas until he reached perfection. In spring of 2014 Plank opened its outdoor Plank Shack, cooking up high quality selections of meat such as beef brisket, spare ribs, pork tenderloin and whole chickens. This was something truly unique in nature for the area, as his style for smoking not at all typical.
As no good restaurant would be complete without an amazing dessert menu, Juan Diego invited his brother and longtime pastry chef, Roberto Solombrino to team up in truly putting the icing on the cake. Roberto’s dessert menu quickly gained popularity and perfectly brought the last piece of the puzzle to give true perfection to your dining experience at Plank![/panel][/column][line class=”transparent”][/section]